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Web Solutions

Maximize your time by getting bank statements online, reviewing account transactions, transferring funds, paying bills, and other time-saving functions such as Quickbooks and Quicken that will help you manage your business..

Cash Management Solutions

Utilize Citizens Bank, N.A.'s cash management system to streamline operations through the use of:

  • ACH Transfers
  • Wire Transfers
  • Positive Pay
  • Account Transfers

Custom Solutions

  • Citizens Bank, N.A. Onsite - Utilizing this feature will allow you to deposit checks to Citizens Bank, N.A. without leaving the office.
  • Merchant Servicies - Using Merchant Servicies will speed up the collection of receivable and improve profitability with the collection of credit and debit card payments through Citizens Bank, N.A..
  • Payroll Services - Offer your employees the convenience of direct deposit and give the taxes, workers comp, and other payroll issues to someone else.
  • Business Credit Card - Citizens Bank, N.A. offers a Visa Business Credit Card that offers great REWARDS!
  • Business Loans - Whether you need equipment or have outgrown your current space and need to buy a new one, Citizens Bank, N.A. has a loan that will meet your needs.

Meet Our Team

We offer a full line of Business loan and deposit products. Contact one of our account officers below for further information.

Stewart Greenlee - photo

Stewart Greenlee
PresidentĀ  & CEO

744 State Route 28
Milford, Oh 45150
Phone: 513-965-6900
smg@Citizens Bank,

Rob Etherington - photo

Rob Etherington
Vice President

744 State Route 28
Milford, Oh 45150
Phone: 513-965-6902
rwe@Citizens Bank,

Ben Johnson - photo

Ben Johnson
Vice President

744 State Route 28
Milford, Oh 45150
Phone: 513-965-6904
bmj@Citizens Bank,

Joe Surface - photo

Joe Surface
Vice President

744 State Route 28
Milford, Oh 45150
Phone: 513-965-6921
jls@Citizens Bank,

General Inquiries:

Credit Department
Debbie HenizeĀ 
Phone: 513-965-6911

Randy Stenken
Phone: 513-965-6910